Asphalt, Adhesive, Bio Adhesive, Bio binder, Pavement, Lagoons, Bio Mass, Swine Manure, Pig, Hug, Pork, Methane, CO2
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Bio Adhesive Alliance Inc.

Welcome to Bio-Adhesive Alliance! 

Bio-adhesive from Biomass: A Sustainable Alternative for Petroleum Based Adhesive

Bio-Adhesive Alliance produces Eco-friendly, durable, low cost bio-adhesive from swine manure to help facilitate swine manure management while creating added value products for construction industry.

Make Pavements more sustainable by using bio-adhesive...

BAA wins NBMBAA's first place award

BAA's Durable, Low cost and Eco-Friendly Bio-Adhesive

BAA wins grand prize of MegaWatt Venture

BAA was selected to show case their technology at the Innovation Expo in Brussels, BE